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Welcome to my Art Studio!!! I have initiated this page to showcase my art work. Painting has been my hobby and passion for decades. I had earlier done many paintings for my home and for many local clients in India. However, I have just embarked on a journey seeking global audience for my work. If you happen to be a resident of North Carolina, you can stop by my home to check them out (as photographs rarely do justice). If not, I am open to ship them across to USA or anywhere in the world. I do have a catalogue of designs to suit your interests and taste. If you are a local resident, I can visit your home and suggest something which goes with your home decor too.All the paintings that are listed for sale would be 'Made to Order'. If you find anything that suits your interests or accents your home decor, please do not hesitate to contact me.Please do browse around and leave your comments/feedback. If you love what you see here, do LIKE the page, and share it to your friends & family.Regards,Your Neighbourhood Artist,Divya Chintala   -  Painting,Interior Designing,Home Decor,Gardening,Baking, &Have loads of fun!!!

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